This 1-mile swath of powder-white sand on the island’s northern shore is flanked by warm, gently lapping waves and azure water clear as glass. The beach has been spruced up with the recent construction of the adjacent Cove Atlantis Hotel, though large parts of it are still accessible to the public. Vacationers willing to venture forth (or guests of the Atlantis Resort) onto Paradise Beach will bask along a pristine coastline, and can explore the depths of cerulean sea by renting diving or snorkeling equipment. Get respite from the shimmering sun (or a touch of privacy with your special someone) under one of the chikees, or thatched huts, that dot the beach.


If you want to delight yourself with a stay in a city with amazing beaches, numerous nightclubs, great places to relax and enjoy hedonism, choose Cancun as your destination. This is a Mexican city located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, and consists of a traditional part and a tourist part where the most popular attractions are located. You will find all the details about Cancun on our website. We wrote about what it takes to enter the city, choose accommodation, and explore all the most beautiful corners of the city. Enjoy the descriptions of this fabulous place and get ready for the perfect experience in a Mexican paradise.


Situated on Eagle Beach in Aruba, we provide a number of fun and luxurious amenities for all ages. These are some of the things which make us one of the best family resorts on the entire island. We work tirelessly to make sure that all of our guests have the best possible experience and have the opportunity to enjoy all of the amazing things that the One Happy Island has to offer.

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