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Recognized as Paradise Island's most breathtaking stretch of sand, Paradise Beach retains a sultry sense of seclusion for visitors on the otherwise bustling island.


If you want to delight yourself with a stay in a city with amazing beaches, numerous nightclubs, great places to relax and enjoy hedonism, choose Cancun as your destination.


Come to Paradise and make the Aruba Beach Club Resort your “Home Away from Home”.
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You are able to own your own Timeshare and even rent a vacation home/(Resort) with little down payment and low-interest rates.
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Up to 5 years of finance

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20% down - remaining 80% can be financed

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We only get paid when the property sells

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Serve to all 50 states

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Country Place

The service was awesome, kind and fast.

Many thanks to David Winters for assisting us in purchasing our Pearly Grey timeshare.

North Carolina (May 2021)


It has been a completely hassle free experience dealing with We Finance Co. I have been impressed by their staff who have done what they said they would do at all times. Have just received my Timeshare vacation property and now I will be able to enjoy it with my family.

Ben Parker Cameron House
(June 2021)

Thank you so much for making it possible for us to buy 2 weeks of timeshares recently. l contacted them for a Timeshare and within 12 days my timeshare vacation was ready. We had recently attended a seminar and was told by Timeshare Relief that there was no way anyone could buy or sell a timeshare in the market today. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Bob & Marty Fenton Peraly Grey Ocean Club
(Aug 2021)